La Vila consolidates its 3rd photo contest

La Vila consolidates its 3rd photo contest

📸📸 3rd PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST: 🎅 Christmas in La Vila!

From December 20 to January 6, 2019, the 3rd photo contest we made in the Vila Shopping Center was held. We invite visitors to make funny pictures in our big Christmas tree or next to Santa Claus located in the same square.

The photo had to be tagged with # lavilanavidad2018 on his Facebook or Instagram account, and be a follower of the center’s RRSS. By participating directly, they entered the drawing for a prize of 100 euros in purchases at any establishment of the La Vila Shopping Center.

There have been many followers of our RRSS who have been encouraged to participate, and from here, we thank them!

As well as our winner, and follower of our official Instagram: Xiscalamisma !!! I attached the photo below.


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