Phase 1 begins in La Vila CC

Phase 1 begins in La Vila CC

On May 11, phase 1 began in Mallorca, and in La Vila Shopping Center, the following establishments have been adapted and opened to the public:
✔️ ALDI Supermarkets
✔️ Beth floral art & events
✔️ Calzados inka
✔️ HD Hair & Beauty Center
✔️ Bodymania
✔️ Gelateria La Vila, Magaluf
✔️ The Bikini shop Magaluf
✔️ Ingener Punto Endesa (1era planta)

✔️ Inside

✔️ Tedi

The rest of the businesses and services that can be assigned to this phase will open little by little. As soon as we have more information about it, we will inform you.
Finally, caution to continue moving forward # WeAreGettingIt.

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