La Vila Shopping Center has been part of the sponsorship of the event: GASTRO SOLIDARIO Festival, which took place on April 29th at the Calvià Mill in Santa Ponsa, as well as, it made room for the press conference and presentation to the media of the event, with the participation of Mr. Marcos Pecos, Deputy Mayor of the City Council of Calvià.

This presentation was held on Friday, April 27, with the assistance of renowned chefs, who were part of the poster, as Fernando Arellano de Rte. Zaranda with 2 Michelin stars, and guest artists, such as the Voz Kids finalist, Sara Deop and Maria Bimbolles, among others, and of course, the event organizer of the NGO Proyecto Juntos, Carlos Ramón.

On this occasion, we also had the presence in the same place in the center of RADIO CALVIÀ, which broadcast live the presentation of the event and an interview with Sara Deop and Maria Bimbolles.


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